Sublimation & Heat Transfer


Our various Heat-press equipment allows us to transfer color images onto a number of different surfaces including drinkware, bags, and clothing.
Common applications include vinyl numbers for athletic-wear, small run multiple color designs, and eye-catching metallic foil prints.
Dye Sublimation uses special inks to create heat transfers designed to be imprinted onto synthetic textiles at a molecular level. Dye Sublimation has the ability to use high resolution, vibrant color images, on entire front or back of garments.

Other benefits include stable, and durable prints due to the dye being bonded with the synthetic fibers, this also leads to no build up of ink on the surface of your garment.



Benefits of Sublimation

- Produces highly unique, all-over designs
- Unlimited use of graphics, styles, and colors


Things To Keep In Mind

- Shirts to be printed on should be made from 100% polyester only
- White patches/parts on your t-shirt not covered (e.g. underarms) will show through your design


Benefits of Vinyl

-Ideal for longer, medium and shorter runs of prints
-Produces vibrant color-fast prints, which can last the life of your garment
-No fading/cracking of the print
-Space-efficient and Can stock designs for later use


Things To Keep In Mind

-Vinyl is less flexible than screen printing inks
-You’ll need special CAD cutters, heat press, and software to produce yourself
-Longer prep & production times





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