make an Online company store


A 'Micro Store' can be categorized as a personal store which requires login information to access. This choice best works with companies who want to set up an online store specific to their employees to purchase products specifically for them.

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Stand alone

A 'Stand Alone Store' is a store with its own Domain Name where customers, clients, and employees can go to purchase personalized products set up with your companies logo. 

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- Company Store - 

Support a wide variety of Company Store programs for your most cutting edge clients. Control branding for Uniform & Employee Programs and Promotional Programs. You can even implement a Points system for Reward & Recognition Programs.

- Product Options -

Choose from a large product database of only qualified suppliers, updated automatically from Supplier Direct Data. Live Inventory Management tracks of all products in your store and notifies you when you're getting low, keeping your business and products well organized.

- Shopping Cart - 

Guide your users through an intuitive and simple shopping cart process. Take advantage of flexible and advanced payment methods, gift cards, coupons, sales tax integrations, shipping integrations, and email confirmations.

- Spending Controls -

Company Stores are a great way to control corporate spending. Utilize permission technology or provide users with points, credit, or discounts with Gift Certificates and Coupons.

- Integrations -

Bright Sites flexible platform solution allows for easy integration with other solutions. Shipping Integrations, Punch-out Integrations, Sales Tax Integrations, SSO, and Social Media Integrations gives you greater control and customization options for your Company Store.

- Storefront Design -

No design experience necessary! With an easy Theme Designer, Drag N' Drop page builders, and Responsive themes - you are just a few clicks away from creating your perfect Company Store.

- Logo Management -

Virtualization technology gives you endless logo and product personalization options so you can see exactly how the final product will turn out. Support multi-branded corporations in one logo library, control which logos are used with permissions technology.

- Permissions Technology -

Give your Company Store advanced flexibility with permissions technology. Control who can access the store, categories, and products. Permissions creates a personalized experience for each user while controlling organizational spending.

- Company Store Management -

Keep track of order statuses, product details, history, payments, and shipping - all in one place. With a full report suite and a custom report builder, you have the capabilities to report on just about anything you need.

- Hosting & Security -
An all-inclusive Company Store solution with PCI Compliance, SSL Security, hosting services, automated backups, intrusion protection, eCommerce and domain names. We strive to make sure your store is available 99.9% of the time.