Screen Printing


Screen-printing AKA Silkscreen is the most common printing technique in the customization of textiles. Its achieved through the use of various inks being pushed through a mesh and onto a substrate, while stencils dictate where the ink deposits.

Summarizing the process, a blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh with ink, while a second, reversed stroke causes the screen to touch the garment momentarily. Allowing the ink to transfer onto the material.

The bread and butter of the screen-printing will fall upon the various types of inks that are available in the process. Offering a multitude of unique options including metallic, glitter, reflective, glow in the dark, and fluorescent inks this process isn't limited to creative solutions.



- Gives you supreme quality
- Can print in multiple colors
- Great for the mass production
- Soft finish 
- Lots of options for specialty prints


Things To Keep In Mind

- Not a viable option for small quantities
- Printing one-offs are time-consuming and expensive with this method




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